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If you have knowledge of repairing vehicles, auto recycling is an exciting business with tons of potential to become a full-time career. Salvage cars might only be in need of minor repairs, making them a lucrative investment of your time, money, and attention. If you’ve spent any time rifling through used car parts in junkyards or looking at vehicles at salvage auctions, you might already be aware of some of the possibilities.

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As someone who has seen a great deal of success in this business, I assure you that the possibilities are as bountiful as used car parts rusting away at dumpsites all over the globe. Behind the corroded exteriors of long discarded engines, behind the dented bumpers of yesteryear’s roadsters, and between the creases of once illustrious bucket seats, sit the keys to a thrilling new occupation.

Here’s A Look At the Upside of Auto Recycling.

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Auto recycling has been around for well over a century and the profit margin speaks for itself. The industry collectively rakes in an approximated $32 billion annually in earnings. In addition to being both stable and profitable, it’s also:

  • An environmentally friendly auto field. Cars have a bad reputation amongst environmental enthusiasts, but auto recyclers are doing something to combat pollution and reduce waste. This opens up a whole new market of potential buyers and you can rest easy knowing you’re doing something positive for your community.
  • Thanks to the internet, you can run your auto recycling service from virtually any location and connect with a wide variety of customers.
  • New salvage parts are readily available all the time, meaning the market is never short on supply.
  • Auto recyclers aren’t limited to any one type of vehicle. You can easily recycle trucks, motorcycles, domestic and foreign cars, even planes and boats if you’re feeling ambitious. Pretty much anything that has an engine and scrap parts available in salvage yards is up for grabs. For this reason, it’s virtually impossible to get bored or run out of inspirational ideas.
  • A study conducted by the Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries concluded that the automotive recycling trade generates enough revenue to double that of forestry and fishing, generating hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs nationwide.

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You’re Seriously Considering Getting Into Auto Recycling. Here’s What You Need to Know

While it’s entirely possible to purchase and profit from salvage cars, you do need a blueprint in order to avoid rookie mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes sellers make are:

• Buying based on personal taste as opposed to studying market trends. This can lead to a stockpile of unwanted vehicles and a gaping hole in your wallet where dollars should be.
• Buying because of one request. Just because someone expresses interest in a specific car doesn’t guarantee a sale. It’s a better idea to purchase popular items based on general public opinion.
• Buying an overpriced used car. There’s no better way to spoil a sale than by overpaying in the first place. You should be well aware of the going prices in your region before you go to an auction or salvage yard.
• Not knowing the details of a given sale. Other aspects to consider include knowing which paperwork applies in which states, understanding applicable purchase fees before they’re applied, and knowing exactly how to transport your vehicle once you buy it.
• Buying an unfixable car. You shouldn’t buy a car that you don’t personally know how to repair. This puts you at the mercy of mechanics.
• Buying from the wrong state. I’ve personally purchased cars all across the nation, with an emphasis on salvage cars in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. I’ve learned that different rules apply in each state, information that would have been useful ahead of time.



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